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Webley MkIII air rifle

This rifle was aquired as a first air rifle back in probably 1962 and was pre-owned. It is somewhat of a classic and altho well deserving of a major clean-up and re blue, is still very functional. A new spring would probably not go amiss however.

The biggest plus on this gun is .... under lever cocking and, tap loading. A very good combination altogether. The cocking lever under the barrel was quite hard work but technique saw to that being eased. Being then able to rotate the ''tap'' 90º to insert a pellet and then close - made for an easy loading job and, a very good air seal.

Another big plus was the Parker Hale aperture site unit which has standard click adjustments - this made for a very accurate setting up and it was perhaps the most accurate of all the air weapons owned and shot. Many others were tried but history has seen them disappear.