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Marlin M60 22lr

This has to be one of the funnest .22 rifles around and also one of the best values too. Not so long ago $100 at Walmart got you one!

The 15 round tube mag' works well and overall the gun is most reliable, providing that eventually, it is field stripped and given a clean. .22 ammo is dirty and although many .22's seem to run forever with no cleaning, too much crud and this can give the occasional failure to go into battery and fire. Accuracy is excellent.

There is an old thread on The High Road.org - giving some info on dismantling this rifle - and is worth a look for those not sure how to do it.

The pic below shows a very handy reloader - which is pre charged in each of its eight sections with 15 rounds. The top is rotated to open one section and 15 rounds are then poured fast into the rifle magazine when plunger tube is removed. Very easy and also conducive to much extra ammo consumption!!

Marlin M60 Spee-d-loader