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T/C Contender .223

This frame, with its Pachmeyr furniture will accept a good many barrels. Here the .223 Rem which has to be a real favorite. When rested this can all but equal or outshoot a Ruger 77 MkII rifle at 100 yards! Only two other barrels at present - the 44 Magnum and a .45LC/.410.

The Redfield 'scope is good but shares the usual problem of extended eye relief 'scopes maintaining a solid sight picture if deviating one's eye out of 'scope alignment. Recoil is modest and the trigger is a dream pretty much as one might expect.

On a shooting session with a friend, the computer hard drive below was 'perforated'' by five shots from the Contender and five from the other guy's Encore at 100 yards. Not an east target to see in less than good light but - the results speak for themselves!

W Digital hard drive - now history.