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Makarov with marking

The Makarov has been imported in seemingly huge numbers, mostly it seems as Bulgarian imports. Research on this one suggests by the marking on left side (see inset) that the triangle with a circle is actually a Russian origin, even tho imported as Bulgarian. Gun shows were selling ''Bulgies'' at about $149, but this one was just over $200. Information on these can be found at makarov.com.

The 9mm Makarov round (9x18) is mild but almost certainly can be regarded as a useful step up from .380 (9x17). The gun is very pleasant to shoot and here we see a pair of grips that came with it in the box - the regular grips being light brown with a star emblem. Much of the ammunition availability seems to be Russian origin steel cased, such as Brown Bear, Silver Bear etc and the gun eats that for a pastime.