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Webley MkVI

Well - here is a bit of history! Webley made top-break very much their own over several models and calibers - well let's say top break that would survive - not all did! When the gun is opened the ejection of empties is very fast, the effect being of almost a 'spring assist'.

The original .455 Webley round was never very 'hot' but when loaded up with 'manstopper' wadcutter bullets was deemed quite effective. It saw service from it's origins in 1915 until well after manufacture ceased in 1932 and so was seen in WWI trenches and many places thereafter. The load used now is based on a light load using 230 grain LRN's, over sized.

This example was rebuilt from almost a set of parts - having to be fully refinished, albeit only with a multiple application of cold blue. Double action is very heavy and this gun has a small problem with cocking for SA whereby if cocked too far back it can lock - but that is easily overcome in use and DA is fine. Brownells came up with a new mainspring and also a top-break locking lever spring but that latter was sadly a poor representation of the original ''V'' spring - but adequate. I drew up the old spring and new, hoping someone would find a way to make the old types - see this page.