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Taurus Raging Bull

Once more we are into ''hand cannon'' category and a very capable platform for the Dick Casull .454 round. Only five shot but that does mean the cylinder walls have a generous thickness and the lock-up is both via the rear cylinder release, and .... a forward catch also. The grips are extremely well designed making recoil easy to soak up. The round is very high pressure (65,000 SAAMI) and therefore at the top end is on the 'viscious'' side with recoil.

The Bushnell 'scope is good but as with many, if not most extended eye relief 'scopes, tricky to use keeping the target in view. Too much movement either side of the rather narrow view acceptance angle and sight picture goes!

Below is a favorite pic' of the dragon breathing fire! ........ and this makes for a nice desktop background in its higher resolution form. Do download that if you wish (1494 x 1069 330k)

Taurus Raging Bull muzzle flash