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S&W M686

The 686 is built on the "L" frame and is perhaps one of the best all round Smith and Wesson .357's - it's main competition being the Ruger GP-100. That is probably the stronger gun.

However, I do know some history on this gun, which was that it was shot a lot and carried, by a friend I sadly never met, Bob Ford from Las Vegas - he sadly died June 24th 2006. He offered it for sale back in about 2005 and although I knew it had shot many 100's (probably 1,000's) of very hot .357's ..... decided to get it. It in a sense replaced the same model I had to give up in UK in 1997.

I used my old 686 for PPC and made a barrel weight to add on - and have managed to utilize the same with small relief changes on this 686. It adds 15 ounces and drops POI by 6 full inches at 25 yards - so sights need reset. That coupled with light target 38 loads make for a great controllable platform. It shows quite marked flame cutting on the top strap but that is self- limiting and overall the gun is still plenty tight enough. Smooth as smooth trigger.