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S&W Model 28-2

The "N" frame Smith and Wesson M28 is what might be called a "simplified" Model 27. Not however simplified all that much really - most differences are with narrower trigger and different hammer spur. This "dash 2" is pinned and recessed, meaning the chamber mouths are counterbored to accept case rims and the barrel is secured to the frame by a pin. The finish is not the deep blue luster of a M27.

This example has tho been quite extensively 'tweaked'' and has a very nice trigger job, bobbed hammer and, a subtle chamfer added to chamber mouths, the better to facilitate speedloads. So - it is for DA only but, is very sweet to shoot even with hot loads.

Crimson Trace grips make a nice accessory and make this a fine carry piece even if a shade large.